The Truth Will Out

I’m sharing Matthew Rushin’s words so more people understand his journey with the justice system and how autism is misjudged. He demonstrates how, in the modern world, it is a misunderstood neurology. Yet people do not seem to realise that it has always been part of human evolution.

“We’re born processing the world differently, seeing the world differently.

“To other autistics I am exceptionally autistic, but to anyone just meeting me who isn’t autistic, who’s neurotypical, I’m weird, and that’s it.”

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Being ‘exceptionally autistic’ doesn’t mean ‘mild’ or ‘high-functioning’. You’re either autistic or you’re not.

Today, society struggles to understand difference. But that ‘difference’ was normal and always there until (in recent times) the medical world decided it was wrong. They are responsible for the demonising of any neurology that does not fit their prescribed normal.

In truth, a group of non-autistic people have dictated that their neurology is superior, consequently modelling careers on the back of this.

Sadly, the world has become so difficult for autistic people that it can render them ‘disabled’. Autistic people often say, ‘I am only disabled by society and the environment we live in.’ To understand this, as a non-autistic or neurotypical person you would have to ask questions and listen carefully to the answers.

As Matthew’s mother says, his autism was seen as ‘mild’ – a total fallacy. Mild or high functioning autism is another misunderstanding. But many people will not take the learning curve to change their view nor do they take time to ask autistics. People decide based on their preconceived ideas and muddle autism in with learning difficulties. As with neurotypicals, autistic people can have learning difficulties, but they are different things. However, the communication difference can impede an autistic person with learning difficulties more overtly.

If you are reading this and thinking, ‘I know all about autism and this is not my understanding of it,’ and continue to hold onto your established beliefs, then you are part of our problem in the world. So please keep an open mind and allow us to educate you, as Matthew has done in his video.

Thank goodness his truth was seen.

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