The Truth Will Out

I’m sharing Matthew Rushin’s words so more people understand his journey with the justice system and how autism is misjudged. He demonstrates how, in the modern world, it is a misunderstood neurology. Yet people do not seem to realise that it has always been part of human evolution. “We’re born processing the world differently, seeing … More The Truth Will Out


Out of Place

Someone was talking in an online group as to whether their autism was really a disability or not. This is something I’ve thought a lot about lately. The way I see it, I am disabled, BUT not by autism, only by the ignorance of my teachers when I was a child, by society today, by … More Out of Place

Shining Facets

Remove us, you remove innovation From the days in ancient caves We explored the unknown Inquisitive to find the reasons Driving humans towards today Our calendar marks your seasons In megalithic stone we are engraved Deep in thought and insight Our place in tribes was pivotal Visionary mapping in pictures Placed our art on walls … More Shining Facets

Present Moments

Having written this last Christmas, the impending season has triggered thoughts, so time to post this along with my cards. My father once stated (paraphrasing), “You’re not like other children, you never show if you’re pleased when we give you gifts, you don’t run over to hug us.” Mystified by his words, I sensed disappointment … More Present Moments

Buried Gifts

Fifty-seven years and I grieve Please turn back the clock Give me my reprieve By not listening you ruined my life And here I am at the end of days Sat on a rubbish heap for the lost In realisation that it is too late Gifts discarded to the four winds Potential held by regret … More Buried Gifts

Poised Dreams

Poised between life and death – too old to start again, not old enough for the pastures, I realise that I am close to the finish line with little evidence of my life or that I even existed. The sadness for me is overwhelming. What I craved and still do crave, was earning a living … More Poised Dreams


Everyone leaves In the end I’ve watched you go Left behind in pieces Broken hearted And I will never know What drove you away When you told me Of my kindness Always here in times Of your greatest need But the moment Life picked you up You dropped me Like a stone Falling to the … More Dropped