Everyone leaves
In the end
I’ve watched you go
Left behind in pieces
Broken hearted
And I will never know
What drove you away
When you told me
Of my kindness
Always here in times
Of your greatest need
But the moment
Life picked you up
You dropped me
Like a stone
Falling to the end
Of all that’s alone

And you thought
I wouldn’t notice
Your fading away
But I always see
The door close
I always hear
The silence
I always know
You’ve gone
I always sense
Impending voids
Burning absence
Even though
You never
Utter a word
Your stealth
As you vanish
Is as loud
As my anguish.

Everyone leaves
In the end
Afraid to own
The moment
Of honesty
Speaking truth
Sharing doubts
Before departure
Instead you choose
Altruistic pretence
Salving your soul
Of unspoken vents
Head in sand
Blind to action
No witness to pain
You walk away
On righteous paths
Of ignorant saints
Goodness intact
Forgetting the past
Never remember
What you crushed
Under fickle feet
Stamping hard on
Loyalty and trust
Ruined, destroyed
So many times
Beyond salvage
As I lay down
Stop breathing
Cling to safety
Comfort release
When silence
It is me
That will leave.








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