Everyone’s An Expert!

Just sharing an experience I found slightly amusing and a tad annoying. Enjoy.

I met a lady I knew vaguely via a writing class I used to attend. She asked why I’d stopped going to the class. I felt I could trust her because she’s disabled, so shared my recent diagnosis. This is a rough version of the conversation. You’ll know who’s who.


“I was diagnosed as Autistic.”

“You don’t look Autistic.”

(What does Autistic look like?)



“I am profoundly Autistic. Had seven hours of assessments and have a long report to prove it.”

“I work with Autistic children and you’re nothing like them.”

“I guess they could have learning difficulties which I do not.
I am an adult who has masked my Autism throughout life.”

“How does that affect you then?”

(I go on to explain some of my traits, hypersensitivities and how trying to hide these has resulted in mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.)

“But everyone has those problems, don’t you think?”

“Yes, of course, but mine are specific to Autism and struggling in a world that does not cater for us nor understand our ways. That’s what I’m dealing with and telling you about.”

“But how could you be in a writing class then?”

“That’s why I don’t go anymore because I found it very tiring and difficult to be in a brightly lit room full of people, cleaning smells and lots of talking at times. Plus, I don’t deal well with groups socially.”

(I then mention Asperger’s.)

“You’re definitely not one of those!”
(Implying that I’m not ‘gifted’ enough.)

“Actually that is my diagnosis, a specialist from The Maudsley in London stated High Functioning Asperger.”

“No, you’re not, I know all about this!”

“In fact Asperger’s is Autism, just different communication skills.”
(Hoping I’m describing it correctly.)

(I try to explain a bit more, getting into the realms of justifying myself!)

“Everyone’s a bit Autistic… We all have those traits.”

“Then I wouldn’t need a diagnosis, would I?”

At this point I felt like quoting a recent article I read where an Aspie thanks the other person for their expertise saying how they will tell the highly trained professional who diagnosed them… that they know nothing!

What is really funny was how she suddenly scuttled away, leaving me standing there, because she couldn’t beat my Autistic persistence – we’re famous for that you know! You couldn’t script it better if you tried.


NOTE: Please read this in the context it happened before I changed the name of my blog from The Arty Aspie to Arty Auty.



Written by Arty Auty

4 thoughts on “Everyone’s An Expert!

  1. Loved reading this, thank you for sharing!

    The ignorance surrounding autism astounds me. Even doctors can be moronic, I had one laugh in my face and say, “I can tell you now you’re not autistic!” within three minutes of meeting me. :/ It was the first time I’d ever plucked up the courage to see a GP to get a diagnosis; a mistake I won’t be repeating in a hurry!

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    1. Glad you liked this. I agree about doctors, my usual doc told me he didn’t know women could be autistic!! How awful that yours laughed! Ignorant. I was lucky, my referring GP had experience of late diagnosis for women. It’s all a lesson in perseverance and patience 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this well… you know what I mean. I just don’t talk about it to avoid the tit for tat discussions. I should talk about it more but I am still uncertain I can handle the « I know better » type of answers.

    Liked by 1 person

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